Full Bangs

Another #OOTD post guys! These pictures were taken two years ago when I had my full bangs. I don’t know what gotten into me that time when I decided to have a full bangs, but this was also the year that we went to Hong Kong so I said to myself that I needed to have a haircut (and bangs). You know having a full bangs was not bad at all if the cut was really nice, unfortunately mine wasn’t.

But I have to live with it and make it work.

I wore this outfit when we went to Onboard Game and Gastro Pub for Plinks despedida party.  We had so much fun that day, I wished I could share to you guys the pictures and all today but I have look for it first. So yeah, stick with my OOTD first.

I wore a see-through long blouse that should be a beach cover up but I turned it to a casual look :P. I also wore my super overused leggings and my overused red shoes that we bought for 150 php only. See! This could be a blog about “Under 500“, a segment on this blog where we could get a whole look for less than 500 but I couldn’t remember the prices of the sleeveless blouse and the leggings.

Should I post another Under 500 blog? What do you think? Comments are love 🙂


In this picture, I tried to be seductive but as you can see, I failed miserably. HAHAHA!


These are my peeps and will figuratively kill for them.

Till next time!




Blue and White Checkered

I miss posting my OOTDs online. When I started this blog, you could see me often with my OOTDs, but as life happens (lols. hahahaha!) I’m haven’t posted my OOTDs for a while now.

Since I’m being active again, let me share to you guys one of my OOTD last year.

Here, I am wearing a white top (an overused white tshirt), blue and white checkered jumper (given by my mama. Thanks Ma!!!) and a white shoes (I bought last last December, which is of course overused!)

Nowadays, I really love white t-shirt/blouse paired with square pants. Lakas makamatangkad. Hahaha! So yeah, I may post again an OOTD with white top. I’ll keep you updated guys! But first, please enjoy!


I really like this picture (above picture). Can I be a feminine wash model? Hahaha! If you are going to put a caption on this picture, what would it be? Comment your answers!

Till next time!



We’re Pregnant!

Hi loves! This post was scheduled last week but because of a hectic gig that I will soon share to you, this post was postponed until today. Now, I will share to you guys my pregnancy shoot in Cebu.

Last December 2017, my officemates and I went to Cebu just to have fun and escape the toxic life of metro manila. Our first plan was go to Coron, unfortunately we can’t afford the airfare that time so we decided to change our plans and find a bit cheaper price. So Cebu here we come!

I actually don’t have any pregnancy shoots when we booked our flight because first of all, I didn’t know that yes! I am pregnant that time and second, what is the reason right?

So when I actually knew that I was pregnant, the first thing that came to my mind that I will have a pregnancy shoot because I don’t want it to go to waste the opportunity. I didn’t have any picture perfect when I was pregnant with Keyn so… This will be my first.

I asked my friend to create dresses/gown for me. (You can check his social media account, I will share it down below.) I have pegs so he copied it and alter some and viola! Dresses! I asked him to create one gown and two skirts because I can’t afford having a whole 3 outfits. But because of his generosity. He created two gowns and a skirt.

I had to climb a mountain, conquer rivers and mini falls, and walk for this but it is all worth it. I just wished I could dress in Kawasan falls, but it was our first on our itinerary  so I don’t want my gowns to go to waste if they will not dry on time. Because of that I decided to wait.

So without further ado. Presenting (lols!) my pregnancy shoots care of my ever supporting officemates and my #bloggerjowa.










So… What do you think guys? Will post about my experiences on doing this and my Cebu adventure next time!

See you soon!


I was the first pregnant woman who held her pregnancy shoots in Osmeña Peak! Yey! another one for me! Thanks ate guide for helping and guiding me. I will be back with my little one for sure!



Dresses/Skirt : ChanB House of Enchantress | Hairstyle : Yours Truly | Places : Kawasan Falls, Osmeña Peak, Sirao Garden, Temple of Leah

Red and White

Hi guys! Long time no see?! I am MIA for almost a year now and I would like to apologized for not posting.

I would like to greet you all a belated Merry Christmas, belated Happy New Year and belated happy Chinese New Year!

Speaking of Chinese New Year, this is what I wore last year when I celebrated Chinese New Year last year. I wore red because I thought I’m not allowed to wear something other than this when visiting restaurants in Binondo during Chinese New Year. Sorry for stereotyping. This is me watching too much drama. Sorry XD.






My outfit and the background were match made in Binondo 😛


I almost cried tonight because I thought I deleted my 5000+ photos without making a back up copy but I just placed it in a different folder. Kill me now please! hahahaha




My second blog entry is about my keyn!!!!!

For those of you who doesn’t know, my keyn will be 5 next month. Time flies really fast right? The thing about having a child is you’ll never know what will happen. I get annoyed with him, like a hundred times a week, but when he caress me and make me kilig, it just vanished! Sometimes I wish I can freeze him just like what they did to Captain America so that he won’t get hurt and he won’t witness how cruel this world is but of course I won’t do that, because he won’t witness how wonderful life is. Yes, it can be hateful sometimes but if you ask me, my life is wonderful despite of its challenges and bad memories.

I just want him to live his life to the fullest! Just please God, don’t let him grow sooooo fast! I really want to see how he pass every exams, play with his friends and do what he loves to do.

He likes goofing around and make people happy. He is easy and fun to be with. He likes to play! We taught him how to have fun without cellphone and other technologies, we’re also teaching him how to be attentive and how to treasure every moment.

Also, we’re teaching him how to pose! lols. I think my son will love to dress up when he gets older 🙂





And Yes! My son’s wearing a skeleton costume. Actually, this outfit is for Christmas, but I think my son’s have a weird taste for Christmas outfit 🙂

What do you think? Comments are love

sidneyeneyen x

White Jogger Pants

Kung hei fat choi everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted for a while so here’s a little treat for you! Hahahha!

Being a working mother is like having a two full time job without any day off. The other job is paying you with money. The other job is paying you the most precious payment you’ve received in your whole career.

I’m not saying it’s all sunshine and rainbows, all I’m saying is, all the pain, the hardwork and the sleepless nights will all be worth it!

So let me give you the little treat I’m talking about. I haven’t posted Keyn’s #ootd for a while now so here we go!

Here’s what he wore last January when we met with his ninangs (godmothers) in LCM (Lucky Chinatown Mall).

The only new here is the white pants, the top and the shoes are all hand-me-downs. You see, I won’t mind Keyn wearing something old or something hand-me-down. Why? As long as he can still wear it with class and it is cute on him, why should I be bothered?







I will always take advantage of the time that you wanted to kiss me in public because we’ll never know what will happen when you grow up.


So here’s the first OOTD of my Keyn this 2016. What do you think?

Comments are love.

Jogger pants tough kids | shoes and top hand-me-down

Bold and Pink

You may now realized why I don’t have pictures on my Davao day 4. I want my solo shots to be included in my davao OOTD post since I don’t have any blogger pose with this outfit.

Looking back, I really don’t like to wear any pink, my defense mechanism was “I’m a girl, why should I wear pink? It will be redundant” But as we grow old, our taste will change. Before I really love to eat chocolate but nowadays, I just love the idea of eating it. Yes, I eat some but not a lot like before. It goes with my fashion sense, before I don’t like pink, today, let’s just say, it is tolerable to wear especially when it is in neon pink.

Why would stick with a baby pink when you want to make a statement?

The neon pink shorts I’m wearing here is complimented my top since the prints have pink on it.

I completed my look with a blue shoes.

Top 350 Divisoria | Shorts 150 Divisoria | Shoes 150 Divisoria

How do I look? Comments are love 🙂

sidneyenyen x